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Welcome to Fertility and Sterility On Air - the podcast where you can stay current on the latest global research in the field of Reproductive Medicine. This podcast brings you an overview of the monthly F&S journal, in depth discussion with authors, and other special features.

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Mar 17, 2024

Take a sneak peak at this month's Fertility and Sterility! Topics this month include the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on live birth rates after IVF (4:17), the "freeze-all" strategy in women with adenomyosis (13:47), the impact of adenomyosis on donor egg IVF cycles (24:54), ART associated risk factors for retained products of conception (30:00), the POPI-plus tool (38:14), the association between job control and time to pregnancy in a preconception cohort (49:10), and sperm retrieval outcomes of contralateral testis in men with nonobstructive azoospermia and unsuccessful unilateral microdissection testicular sperm extraction (58:30). 

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