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Welcome to Fertility and Sterility On Air - the podcast where you can stay current on the latest global research in the field of Reproductive Medicine. This podcast brings you an overview of the monthly F&S journal, in depth discussion with authors, and other special features.

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Feb 25, 2024

Listen to this interview featuring Dr. Papri Sarkar and Dr. Phillip Romanski, who discuss their recent article "Optimal antim├╝llerian hormone levels in oocyte donors: a national database analysis." 

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Feb 11, 2024

Take a sneak peek at this month's Fertility and Sterility! Topics this month include the optimal AMH level in oocyte donors (5:23), the role of the mean number of DNA breakpoints (MDB) in sperm DNA integrity and IVF outcomes (12:29), declining FET outcomes with increasing female BMI (22:38), higher live birth rates in...